Seducing Danger ✔...
By LittleMinx94
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • badboy
  • cheating
  • completed
  • cop
  • dark
  • death
  • emotional
  • emotionalrollercoaster
  • hostage
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • prostitution
  • sex-trafficking
  • sexy
  • steamy
  • suspense
  • wattys2019


"To give and receive love, you have to be in touch with pain" For Katerina Sanders, pain seemed to be the only thing she was in touch with in this world. She lived the pain of her father leaving at a difficult age, the pain of a thousand broken promises, and the pain of losing her mother to one of those shattered promises. Pain had been a vice for Kat for many years- Until now. Until Dominic Reed. Now, she had love and she had purpose. She had someone to fight for and with the world Kat is thrown into after being kidnapped, she's going to need to prepare to fight to the death. Underground sex rings, twisted family ties, and a women scorned all await Kat as she's thrown into a life she never imagined. Her only hope lies with Dominic and without him, she will be sold, enslaved, and killed within months. Is love really worth risking everything for? Kat's about to find out the hard way. ❗️This is a sequel is Unlawful Temptations. You will not follow along with this book without having read that one first.❗️

Chapter 1: Dom

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by LittleMinx94