find your light in...
By Thalia_escamilla
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hai my name is Izabella suede but you can call me Bella I am 20 years old. I have hazel eyes, long black hair and a nose piercing. i used to live in Washington but now I live in Texas I moved here after I turned 13 with my parents but they moved back when I got my own place. I own a club in Dallas with my best friend in the whole wide world AKA my only friend Thalia carter she's short, kinda long hair that's black like mine, she has snake bites and a lot of tattoos she has green/gray eyes and she 21 years old she lived in Texas all her life but I met her at a bakery when I first moved here (btw its pronounced like TALIA) Anyways benn auditions for this band called crown the empire we spend a few weeks with them and thalia and I start to fall in love with one of them.(BTW this story is for my best friend bella check hers out>(cr0wntheizza) oh anddd this story took place in 2010, andy was auditing people to be in the band.

chapter one

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find your...
by Thalia_escamilla