Goddess Of War
By MasterB1393
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~" She is the poison running through my veins. An addiction I cannot break, so sweet yet toxic. A beautiful creature with a ruthless heart. A true warrior, she holds nothing back in battle." He spoke softly, bright blue demon eyes, shining brightly around the poorly lit tent. "But shall she side with you?" The king ask, leaning forward to the evil man in front of him. "She will not have a choice. He broke her heart. My revenge will be her's." Those same demonic blues lighting even brighter, than before. He remembers her movement on the battlefield, the way her blonde hair danced in the wind. The way her blue eyes shined with a blood thirst that stirred a deep feeling low in his stomach. Oh how he missed her! He let an evil smirk formed on his lips. "Besides, she made me a promise years ago." he stated licking this full lips. ~ Ase danced her way back to her kingdom, ruling with an iron fist. She was once ruthless on the battlefield, however after being broken in Kattegat, she was heartless now. She hasn't aged much, though her locks are now smooth, new men surround her. Her army is well sought after by many. But after years of raiding alone, one man walks into her life with an offer she can't refuse.


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Goddess O...
by MasterB1393