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Lacy Valentine isn't a good person. She's spoiled. She's a bully. She has numerous flaws. Out of jealousy and madness, she tried to murder her love rival and died trying. Despite all these, she was given a second chance at life. Normally, only poor innocent souls were chosen for the Do Over System. However, the gods thought that things were getting a little bit boring and decided to launch a lottery among angry lonely souls. Out of a billion of these souls, Lacy Valentine was the lucky winner. *** [The gods believe that even plastics could be recycled. Host's ultimate goal is to become a decent human being. In order to achieve this, Host shall be given numerous missions.] "Who's not a decent human being!" [Host, it is you.] "..." *** Originally, she wanted to use her second life to snatch back the love of her life, wipe her love rival from the face of the world, and punish everyone who dare gets in her way. However, the system warned her that if she failed to achieve her ultimate goal, her soul will be sent to Hell and suffer from a never-ending cycle of torture. Thus, Lacy Valentine's journey of becoming a decent human being began. ┬ęTorturerealm 2018 Original work. Neither a translation or a fanfiction. All pictures used are not mine. They rightfully belong to their awesome owners.


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by Torturerealm