Like Birds Under th...
By ShatteredSmooth
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Seventeen-year-old Micah can deal with being homeless. Like the birds, he trusts God will provide him with food and clothing. However, he has a harder time dealing with armed thugs following him around the city. The thugs want to use Micah to get Charlie, his hacker boyfriend who escaped from Robo.Me, a shell corporation that does black ops for the CIA. Micah will die before giving up Charlie's location, but he isn't ready to meet his maker yet since he's not really sure how The Almighty feels about the sex he and Charlie enjoy. Thankfully, he loses the thugs in a warren of drug-smuggling tunnels. While Charlie works on a virus that will wipe out Robo.Me servers and all the information they hold about him, Micah uses his dumpster diving skills and the contacts he made through community service to gather intel. Their plan requires more sins than Micah would like, but if they don't stop Robo.Me Micah will be killed (probably burn in hell) and Charlie will be pressed into service as a cyber-assassin. Note:This story is not linear or chronological. When the whole thing is posted, I'll post different orders it can be read in. The order the pieces are going up in now is how I envision it unfolding.

Out on a cliff

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Like Bird...
by ShatteredSmooth