One Too Many
By Mhwilkie
  • Romance
  • abusiverelationship
  • adult-content
  • adultthemes
  • emotional
  • hot
  • innocent
  • obsession
  • possessive
  • reluctant
  • sexscenes
  • swingers
  • wifeswap


Warning! (Rated R) Second Warning! This is not your normal love story. It will leave you emotionally frustrated! Please, no negative comments on the story line, you have been warned! "Cassandra could feel her heart breaking as she watched her loving husband in the next bed over as another woman rode him. She pressed her eyes as she heard him moan with pleasure.." Even though she was hot, beautiful, smart and funny, Casandra Pinion was shocked at the fact when the love of her life and only man she had ever been with requested a weekend of wife swapping. Trying to keep her husband happy, she reluctantly agrees to his lust, even though she feels it ripping her heart apart. Meet business tycoon Olin Richman. With being in a loveless marriage, his wife Vicki was always on the lookout for a new male challenge, married or not, she didn't care. He was never into the swinging scene, but that is about to change. As luck would have it, Olin meets an amazing woman while coaching his nephews T-ball team. She's shy but beautiful. Hot, but modest. Smart but humble. She's perfect. He couldn't believe his luck when he finds out she is married to Vicki's next conquest. Olin becomes obsessed to get her to agree to a swap weekend, but guilt has him questioning, who will end up hurt in the end? Thank mystique_willow for the perfect cover art!


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One Too M...
by Mhwilkie