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***PSA- PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ MY MOST RECENT ADDITIONS TO THIS POETRY SAGA. THEY GET MORE POSITIVE AND MUCH BETTER WITH EACH PROGRESSIVE ADDITION*** thank you carry on: Poetry. Tragedy. Lovely. Nostalgia. Emotions and chaos and life. Poetry is not classified, it's not boxed, it's not one certain thing. Poetry is not simply "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" (-William Wordsworth). It's absolutely not only "a type of literature, or artistic writing, that attempts to stir a reader's imagination or emotions" (-Webster Dictionary), but poetry simply is. Poetry is. It is simply, free, tragic, caged, chaotic, stirring, infuriating, tearjerking, heartbroken, meaningless, lifeless, worthy, worth the world, awing and splendid, but overall poetry simply is. So, if you're looking for "poetry", something to make you FEEL, here is a window into the poetic world of my life.

To feel, To be

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P o e t r...
by TeaAndWords