Delicate Deception...
By mistandfuryy
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It's been four years since Rin left everything behind. Four years in which her mind and heart have been at war, torn between her desires and duty. Assimilating within Malodza had been a struggle, but as time passed, Rin found herself mastering the artful, stealthy skills of the illustrious phantoms. When she's sent on a mission way out of her league, Rin finds herself tangled in a web that only seems to bury her deeper within its confined spaces. The situation only worsens as she's forced to put her son's life in the hands of a man, a very ruggedly handsome man, she doesn't trust. Rin's will to fight for those she loves is put to the test as she navigates the darkest, most cryptic streets of France with only her whit and training to keep her from falling victim to the notorious, badass feline: Pink Unicorn. - Can be read as a standalone (but reading Silent Deception beforehand will give you a deeper meaning as to what's happening) ⚡️ - Cover by @sarah_kingxx


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by mistandfuryy