Warriors #2: Warrio...
By warriorcatlover345
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After a fire and the exile of a warrior, ThunderClan is troubled of what other problems will come to the Clans. But Lilypetal knows something the rest of the cats don't know - the dangerous Ashfur is still lurking through the Clan territories. Simultaneously, she has also been sucked into the middle of Squirrelfight's terrible secret - her kits are not actually hers. Lilypetal doesn't know what she plans on doing about any of it, but she knows it depends on her to do something about it, and to help her Clanmates. Meanwhile, Goldenkit, Lilypetal's daughter is desperate to become a warrior. It has been her dream since she first opened her eyes. She grows up as quite the determined, spunky young she-cat, which takes her through many situations and lessons as she learns to become the best warrior that she can be. ***DISCLAIMER*** This book has been SIGNIFICANTLY edited and rewritten since I first released it, so I'm sorry if you look at the comments and you are utterly confused! And also, just to respect Wattpad's guidelines, I will say, that as a Warriors book, there is the mildest of mild violence!

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by warriorcatlover345