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By sarahjeancorner
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Rosalie has never kissed anyone, let alone a girl, and it's all thanks to a little mishap in the seventh grade when Joanna Spencer punched would-be-first-kisser Lennie Pittmen in the perfect jaw. Suffice to say that Rosalie would, if she could, throttle Joanna, and after four long years she has her chance. Joanna's back in DC after living abroad, and she's gayer than ever, and has an even stronger grudge on soccer than before. Despite being an ace goalie, Joanna couldn't care less until Rosalie winds up as her soccer captain with high hopes of making it to nationals. Being smitten does little to improve Joanna's attitude towards the general public, and fuels Rosalie's "hatred" even further. [ Cover illustration by @SearchingAstronaut ]

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by sarahjeancorner