The Topaya Chronicl...
By tytoalba12
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"The lands of greenery and magic." Nathan Sibirski was an average boy from Karstraadt in the Isipolts, until on the morning of his seventh birthday, he found a dragon's egg just outside his bedroom door. Six years later, he and his sister, Kina, head off to collect the hatchling from where Nathan and his father hid it six years ago. Now, Nathan is a Skyrider, a person who can communicate with dragons, use magic, and ride on their backs. He is a Skyrider with a dream of going to the land of greenery and magic, where he believes he belongs. With a dragon big enough to carry up to two people and old enough to spurt fire out of her nose, there's nothing that can stop her and Nathan. Or is there? *NOT A FANFICTION*

Map of the Nehrlands and Isipolts

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The Topay...
by tytoalba12