Hell On Heels
By daydreamingninja007
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the tsundere trio of the world are, well, themselves. All they had to do was complain! At least that was Lovina's plan until more issues came up and she's forced to talk to them more then once. Alice was done. France had to keep flirting after he asked her to heal wounds Romano inflicted. Then, she so happens to call, only to complain about a certain Spaniard. Lovise, is Lovise. She strangled Denmark after hitting on her, after all hosting all the bickering nations was tiresome. Then to find out she needs to deal with Romano and Alice during her free time? great. The world will never be the same....... this includes some gender bent nations, some that aren't. Warning first few chapters are a year or so older so please ignore the cringe.

Chapter 1

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Hell On H...
by daydreamingninja007