Cloud 69
By Rainydayz4
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Madeline and her best friend Luna have been friends with the bad boys for ages. But as people grow, so do feelings, hate being most common between Madeline and Carson. One wrong choice leads Maddie into a whirlwind of a relationship with her last resort, and someone she never saw as more than a foe. How far will the charades go when everything keeps them apart, including Madeline's and Carson's shared best friend? ***** He smirked as he leaned back down, hovering over my neck. His warm breath tickled my skin and sent shivers down my spine. "He wouldn't have to find out," he said letting his lips just barely brush my neck. I looked up to the ceiling, contemplating my life choices up to this moment. He started kissing my neck, slowly moving up to my jawline. "Carson..." the strength in my voice dramatically lessened as he started sucking on the skin right below my jaw. "Hmm?" He hummed against my skin. Oh he's done it now. I grabbed his chin, pulling his face off my neck. His lips were swollen and bordering between a bright pink and red. He immediately curled his lips into a smirk as his eyes shot to mine. They were clouded over in darkness and lust. He knew he won.

Chapter 1

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Cloud 69
by Rainydayz4