Beauty is a Beast
By Belladonnadark39
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Belladonna Dark has gotten chosen to compete on the show Total Drama Island along with 22 other contestants. The problem is she has a secret to keep. Bella was experimented on by her foster parents and now has the abilities of a black panther with feline ears on top of her head and a matching tail to go with it. Bella worries that the other contestants will fear her for her unhuman-like traits and push her away. Can she keep her secret safe or will she open up and find love? DJ x OC story *Disclaimer: I do not own any characters except Belladonna, Adam, Shadow, Devon, and Aunica all other characters and the concept of TDI belong to their original owner. Also, I am sorry if any of the translations are incorrect I got all of them from the internet.

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Beauty is...
by Belladonnadark39