The Cupcake Match ?...
By imwinniey
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*** Madison Corey is an aspiring baker. Austin Cruiser is the leader of the school's track and field team. She is the teachers assistant for a home economics class. He failed home economics last year and has to retake it again. She has a goal to win this year's Young Bakers Competition for her school. He needs to find a way to enter the LAP Championships in Los Angeles after being kicked out of the track and field team for disobeying a rule. Friends and family will be involved as the two of them get mixed up together, so what will happen as time goes by? *** NOTE: I am a huge sucker for clichés so there will be some in this book ^^ Also this is my first book so there will be mistakes. You have been warned. *** © 2014 Imwinniey All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1 - He Batter Watch Out. ~ M.

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The Cupca...
by imwinniey