To have and to loat...
By sophie_swadil
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18+ ❝ I'm a man of great restraint but seeing you like this is pushing the boundaries of my self control, so bad that I might just pin you against this wall and fuck the life right out of you. ❞ ******* San Francisco royalty, Killian Fobster is an egotistical, manipulative asshole who will rather fuck an octopus on live television than get tied down to a woman. But when his one-night-stand from two months ago shows up in his office with not-so-pleasant news, he has to make certain decisions that may involve going against everything he stands for. With his vicious good looks, skirt-chasing habits, and cold demeanor, he is the last person a sweet girl like Hope Sterling should be involved with, but desperate times call for rather creative measures, and soon after she finds herself trapped in the sham of a fake union that threatens to blossom into something that may change her life forever.

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To have a...
by sophie_swadil