Not letting you Free
By sweetsmileonlips
  • Romance
  • affair
  • betrayal
  • heartbreak
  • infidelity
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • marriage
  • revenge
  • romance
  • womanpower


Synopsis "I am not going to divorce you" she answered in her determined voice, looking straight into his eyes. "Seema, our relationship is not going to work, why don't you understand?" Rahul ask in his exasperated voice, brushing his hand through his hair. He is feeling bad for this conversation, but he has no choice as his wife being irrational here. He got gobsmacked when his wife grins in response. "Who said I want to work on this relationship, Mr. Rahul Raijada you are stupidly mistaken me? I don't want you anymore in my life." her eyes drifted in colour, and a fierce wildness lurks in their depth, a spark of defiance that makes him worry. "Then why you are not letting me free from this sham of our marriage" his voice raise cruelty and he regrets on his choice of words, when for the first time her eyes shown the hurt but in fraction of moment she hide that with her look of pride. "Because, I will never going to let you free, to allow you to have your happily ever after with your lover...what's her name Ria, right?" He never thought in darkest dream that his innocent and naïve wife would be change into this devil, yes she is devil with the face of Angel.


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Not letti...
by sweetsmileonlips