The King
By maniellah
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"No." I stated. "They don't exist." His emerald eyes pierced into my soul, they seemed to be dissecting me. He had his arms wrapped around my waist, each passing second his grip was getting tighter and tighter. He started to lean in, closing the gap between us. His eyes never hesitating from my lips. He inched closer and closer until I could feel his minty breath now fanning out on my face. He licked his lips before looking into my own eyes again, and with a smirk he swooped his head down. I prepared for the kiss but it never came, he came in and swiped his head to the side. Rubbing his cheek with my own, the soft stubble scratching my skin and sending shockwaves down my spine as he moved to my ear. "You claim you don't believe in soulmates but, you so clearly feel the pull." #1 in love 12/5/2018 #1 in human 12/28/2018 #1 in comedy 1/17/2019 #1 in young adult 4/8/2019 #1 in cold 4/16/2019

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The King
by maniellah