My Luna, Helena.
By bootswitdafur
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*• POV IS IN BOTH MALE AND FEMALE•* •• Any similarity to a different story is a complete coincidence! I thought of this story on my own.•• 18 year old Helena Celine was known for her beauty and kindness, but also known for being abused and alone. She's always been different for having white hair and vibrant purple eyes. Her family has rejected her completely and everyone's labeled her as the outcast. Her 2 older brothers contribute to the beatings while her father and mother stand by and watch. Alpha Levi is aware of the way his pack treats Helena but he takes no actions to stop her torture. In fact, he joins in every one and a while to make the poor girl more miserable and broken. When they clash on Helena's 18th birthday he knows right away he needs to reject her. To him she's incapable of running a pack, especially when that pack hates her. Lucky for Helena, she takes the rejection quite good and is able to find the strength inside of her to get out and move on to something better. -- I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS IM SO SORRY!!!

Chapter 1

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My Luna...
by bootswitdafur