The Hardest Puzzle...
By josiechambers3
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L is dead. Mello and Matt are dead. Kira is dead. So what does Near do now? Why, solve a murder case, of course! And that murder case brings along a little puzzle that will take Near ages to solve.... (This story is in second person point of view. You are the main character! You are referred to as ______, so whenever you see that, just insert your own name.) * MAY BE EDITED WHEN I HAVE THE TIME BECAUSE I FIND MY WRITING FROM A YEAR AGO HORRENDOUS AND FULL OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. I really want to edit this because some parts of it are so bad...but I'm busy with a lot of other stuff so forgive me if it takes forever. :/ But we're kinda close(ish?) to 200K reads thank you so much guys! ! I love you all~! <3

The Hardest Puzzle (Death Note Fanfic)

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The Harde...
by josiechambers3