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By VanillaButterflies
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DISCLAIMER: IN A VERY DEEP EDITING. IT SUCKS BUT PEOPLE LIKE IT SO IM EDITING IT TO MY LIKING SO I CAN END THIS BOOK HAPPILY. DON'T READ WHILE IM EDITING BECAUSE YOU KNOW. EDITING IS VERY UGLY. He was my sunshine. He was my light. I never thought that I would lose him in a matter of time. I thought I was his and he was mine. I guess I was wrong. But what I know is, after a rainy day, the sun always comes back and instead of the sun I'll be looking at, I'll be looking at the rainbow. Rain gives everything life and thunder is just the beautiful disaster life gives. Everyone loses their sunshine sometime or another, but just know; after every single drop of rain dries, the clouds clear, they will be a brand new sunshine alive and shining. Grasp it. Take it. Cherish it before it dies once again. But just know, not everything lasts forever. At least, not in this world.

Sunshine (Kirito x Eugeo)

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by VanillaButterflies