When We Were Perfect
By EDuvallAuthor
  • Romance
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  • contemporary
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  • love
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Brooke Wentworth, the hard-working owner of a bakery, stumbled into her fairytale future-directly into the arms of Jonathan Burke, heir to his family's chain of upscale hotels. On the night before their elopement, everything goes terribly wrong and Brooke never makes it to the airport. But Jonathan doesn't come looking for her... Six years later, Brooke has rebuilt the pieces of her life and found happiness again, until her path crosses with Jonathan's. Their untimely meeting unravels secrets and betrayals, including the daughter Brooke kept hidden from him. Determined to take everything from her, Jonathan forces Brooke to make an impossible choice between her daughter and the bakery. How can she ever be happy if she has to abandon what's most important in her life?

Chapter 1

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When We W...
by EDuvallAuthor