Heir To The Empire...
By ___ayyyyy___
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Cafe. "There's this deal I'll get what i want and you can have whatever you want after this." He told her. "Why me?" She asked. "Well I don't feel like answering you." he said. "So you mean we'll kinda have one night stand and then I'll have to give birth to your baby and leave." she asked giving him a disgusted look. "Exactly" "So can I meet my baby once in a while ?" "Damn you ask too many questions!" "Well Manik you should know that you need me and not the other way round so I demand respect or maybe find someone else. Girls fall at your feet so choose one of them if you're gonna treat me this way." She said with anger leaking out if her words. °°°°°°°°°°°°° Manik Malhotra had experienced every single person leave his side except for his best friend of 15 years. He desperately wanted some by his to love him unconditionally without any reason. That's when he came up with an idea of having a baby. Who wouldn't want to be the surrogate mother of the good looking billionaire. Girls would fall at his feet just to get one single glimpse from him. He was one of the most eligible bachelors. So he started looking for an appropriate woman to be his surrogate. That's when he came across Nandini Murty. He thought that he would never fall for her as she was only after his money. But oh boy he was so wrong . It was easy for any guy to fall for Nandini. But Manik wasn't any guy. Check the story to know whether he falls for her in the end or he leaves them both heartbroken. °°°°°°°°°°°°° THE STORY IS NOT EDITED. THIS STORY IS NOT RELATED TO THE SHOW I JUST USED THE NAMES. People I know that first few chapter are shitty but please give the story a chance. My first ever story. GUYS I WAS LIKE 15 WHEN I STARTED THIS STORY. THERE MIGHT BE A LOT OF MISTAKES OR EVENTS THAT DON'T MATCH WITH OTHER PARTS BUT ONCE I FINISH WRITING THE STORY ILL START EDITING IT. #1 in support on 6/6/2018 #18 in dark on 30/5/2018 #1 in painful on 24/5/2018 #


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Heir To T...
by ___ayyyyy___