Colour Me Impressed...
By jaykandie
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This is a story about a woman, Ivory Spade who moved out of her hometown to start a new life as a fashion designer aiming big. Moving into her new home only to meet the infuriatingly hot Jason, a handsome, wealthy and seeming secretive art collector as a new neighbour, whose walls seems to be higher than Mount Everest and whose favourite pastime seems to be annoying her at every turn. Follow them as they find love together in this heartwarming, heartstrings pulling, butterfly inducing story. Note: this is not your regular bwwm story. Enjoy. ••••••••• Whoa! how did we get here? His very warm breath fanned my lips and I started freaking out. "I have a boyfriend" I blurted out. His eyebrows rose, those looks perfectly plucked. Focus! "Really?" his voice was low, husky even, sending shivers through me. "You have been here for about two, three weeks, where is he? Isn't he interested in finding out where his girlfriend moved to?" His voice was derisive on the girlfriend. "He is busy" I shivered, he'd moved unto the neck. 'Uhmm, who is he?' he doesn't believe me. "Jay Morris" he froze and bursted out laughing. "The Jay Morris?" "Yeah" I know stupid, I don't believe me either, I don't even know why of all names, I mentioned him. The famous artist. I am so screwed.

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Colour Me...
by jaykandie