Once (Harry Styles)
By michaelaa742
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Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl. Once upon a time, they fell in love. And once upon a time, it didn't end with one big happily ever after. That's their story, and they're sticking with it, even if no one knows why. Meet Allison, a high-heeled extremist wrapped in a small package. She's smart, she's stubborn, and she's doesn't let anyone stand in her way, particularly not her famous(ly annoying) ex-boyfriend. Meet Harry, a laid-back ladies' man, international music sensation, and the only person who can leave Ally speechless. Left with the shattered pieces of their broken relationship, now the only thing this pair can agree on is that they can't stand each other. So, no one can really blame them for letting things get a little out of hand when they're stuck together again for an entire summer. In the game of love and war, everybody is allowed to get a little crazy, right? ***** Winner Best Harry Styles in 1D Watty Awards Season 5! Humongous thanks to everyone who voted!!!

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Once (Har...
by michaelaa742