The Rise of the God...
By ea_carter
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❃COMING IN 2020: BOOK III OF THE TRANSCENDENCE SERIES ❃ 'Fire and thunder scorched its way into Imaru from the stars, burning with chaos and rage. Istara looked up, her heart tight. A black-dark ship hurtled past Thoth's torchlit terrace and came to a brutal, flaming halt on one of the adjacent terraces, its ragged sideways skid sending the elegant divans and potted plants hurtling over the edge. The door of the ship opened. Istara knew she should leave, and yet, if it were Sethi--her heart rebelled. Just to catch a glimpse of him. To see him. Just once. Within the lit interior--the outline of the powerful bulk of a warrior. Her heart stuttured. Sethi.' *Important note! The current uploaded version is a large sample of the first draft. The full story will not be published until the book has been completed and edited. The Rise of the Goddess is the third and final book in the Transcendence series.


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The Rise...
by ea_carter