Louboutin to Ariat
By ashley___Vargas
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********************************************** I stand up, not being able to handle this, "You're telling me, we're moving to some hick town in the middle of hell, two months into my senior year of high school?" My voice getting louder, "What kind of nightmare is this? You're joking right?" I stop pacing and turn to my parents. "This is all a joke. Mom would never leave this," I motion around me, "New York, none the less." Mom nods, "We're moving to Eatonton, Georgia and that's final." ********************************************** Trade in your Coach purse for some Mossy Oak, Your BMW for a pickup truck, Your high heels for some cowgirl boots and Your high class man for a good 'ol country boy. Trust me Princess....You'll love it. ********************************************** This book is a walking cliche but I hope you will join me in this wild journey of city meeting country. ********************************************** Inspired by Luke Bryan's song "Move"

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by ashley___Vargas