Dear Sawyer, Dear A...
By frootloopsmilk
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Arlie Becker and his best friend, Sawyer, start having stalker like issues when pictures of them cuddling end up all over their school. To find out who did it, the boys must overcome their internal struggles and learn to help each other to be the happiest that they can be. Follow Arlie and Sawyer as they fight out their differences to find common ground on who and what they want to be together. :) *Warning: mentions of homophobia, unsupportive adults, and the fa word, also some language.* Don't steal, repost, record, translate, or otherwise distribute this book even if you credit me. I've spent long hard hours on this book and would appreciate if you passed on the link only. Don't steal and don't repost thank you :) Total amount of words: 15,176 Sawyer- means cuts wood Sealey- means from the happy meadow Sawyer Sealey Actor Portrayal: Lucas Till ~~~ Arlie- means from the hare's meadow. Becker- means to bake bread or user/maker of pickaxes Arlie Becker Actor Portrayal: Colin Ford


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Dear Sawy...
by frootloopsmilk