The Gangleader Owes...
By queenjunkfood
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Meet Rachel Waters, a humorous and wacky girl who has an alarming addiction to ice-cream. She's also very curious. Extremely curious. As they say, curiosity killed the cat. But Rachel wasn't a cat. She was a human. Right? *seriously starts to doubt own made-up character's type of species* Anyway, she tries to see what's going on at a parking lot where no one happens to be. It all started when she tried to save a helpless-looking man named Jeff... WARNING: DEATH HAZARD. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY CRINGEY MASTERPIECE THAT JUST MIGHT END UP KILLING YOU. THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN BY A 12-15 YEAR OLD. YOU HAVE BEEN W A R N E D ! The Gangleader Owes Me Ice-Cream © by queenjunkfood Completed, Editing. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ENJOY :))))) HOPE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOKS LIKE I DID XD

A/N- hi.

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