Mr. Right || Min Yo...
By baozi_cbx
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Y/N: You look cute. Yoongi: Hmmm... just cute? He standed up and lift up his shirt half way and bit his lips. Yoongi: This is what the fans wants your lucky you get to see this. What do you think now? I can't believe this is my teacher... ----- Ever since my teacher made me live with him. I had to deal with his foolish sweet talk, his friends, his perverted comments, but no matter how many times it annoys me I would always find it attractive. Those little things he does just to impress me makes me want to kiss him hard on the lips, and call him Oppa! I think I'm falling in love with my teacher... ----- [This story is 18+] [READ WITH CAUTION]

Mr.Right Episode 1: New teacher 18+

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Mr. Right...
by baozi_cbx