The Ones You Love
By raaymarie
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"Because I know you'd never hurt me archer, you put on this show for everybody to see, you push so many people away trying to stay strong through all of this. You hurt people, you fight people. But I know you'd never hurt me, because you wouldn't hurt the people you care about, and I know somewhere in that heart of yours you feel something for me, whether it's small or still growing, I know, because I feel it too." --- Novas world is different now, She grew up living in a world filled with destruction. For as long as she can remember theres always been violence and tragedy surrounding her. Everything that she does is to protect her little brother, Jack. She would do anything for him, there isn't an instant where she wouldn't put her life before his. Jack is all she has left in the world now, Nova distanced herself from anybody she's ever been close to, the only people she ever cared about she ran away from taking her brother with her. It's hard to trust when you're living in a world filled with violence. When jack goes missing and its novas fault she embarks on a mission to find him, it's along the way where she meets the blunt, rude but mysterious, alluring, enticing, interesting, and undoubtedly good looking, Archer Xavier.

The Beginning

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The Ones...
by raaymarie