The Avengers (x mal...
By Jacarys
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World-wide heroes, the Avengers have become a team respected and renown for generations to come. They are both ruthless and fearless and are "Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Led by Captain America and Iron Man, the team defeated the Chitauri horde that tried to invade earth. Now deep within the forests of northern Alaska, a group of over-zealous, mad scientists and rebels are quietly planning an invasion of their own, secretly experimenting on unwilling hosts with the same technology that once threatened their planet's very existence. What will the Avengers do when they discover a young man who becomes trapped between a war of heroes and villains and how will they treat him when they realize that there is more to him than just your "typical average guy......" I DO NOT OWN ANY MARVEL AND MARVEL- RELATED CHARACTERS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO MARVEL AND DISNEY.

Remnants of Invasion

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The Aveng...
by Jacarys