My Savior Negan X R...
By Galaxystar202
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[[None of the characters in this fanfic are mine except for your character and couple more I may add in but other characters belong to the creators of the Walking Dead comic book and the TV show its self]] Y/N was the leader of a small group of 5 people there were 3 guys and the other two included her and her 12 year old daughter who she had before the apocalypse. One day Y/n's daughter told her she heard whistling outside their gates and went out on her own to check it out but when she got to a certain part of the woods she heard people start whistling. She ran but when she ran she straight into a trap and many people surrounded her. Which was the day she met the one and only Negan the leader of the saviors. What well happen to you and your people especially to your daughter? You'll have to read to find out.

The Group Chapter: 1

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My Savior...
by Galaxystar202