The Loser and the W...
By mikie545
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After all the things Peter Parker has gone through after Homecoming, he feels heartbroken about Liz leaving, knowing he's the reason why she had to. Even if he had no choice, he felt gulity that it affected her in that way, but there was no turning back now. After she left and Peter rejected Tony Stark's offer to give him a new suit and become a part of the Avengers, he starts getting more and more involved with a certain person. Michelle Jones. The mysterious, introverted, smart girl who seems to have been obsessed with Peter. Everything goes smoothly for the two, before the new girl came in. It broke her heart seeing him so hung up on a different girl...for the second timey. *SPOILERS FOR INFINITY WAR* Started: May 6, 2018 Completed: May 16, 2018 -Everyday Updates- *Highest Ranking* (Ever) #1 - Spideychelle

The Loser and the Weirdo

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The Loser...
by mikie545