The Singing Sun
By Ibeart
  • General Fiction
  • abuse
  • brother
  • childhood
  • corruption
  • fantasy
  • growth
  • insanity
  • magic
  • monster
  • nainaireads
  • religion
  • revenge
  • sister
  • songs
  • stoic
  • sun
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"Do you see my smile? Because I certainly can't." On a far away world there exists a place where one half of the planet is eternally day, and the other is eternally night. A mysterious sun-god promises great powers to all on one condition; relinquish your emotions. The ones that do so become hearers, which huddle up in isolated temples called 'mirrors' and hear the voice of the god, as they devise newfound songs to further explore the powers this god promises. Rial was abused ever since she was little. She endured all the gruesome and disgusting torment brought upon her with the sheer purpose of keeping her younger brother, Mun, still within the realms of innocence and happiness. Years of exploitations and twisted willpower distorted Rial's mind to the point of psychopathy and insanity. Eventually Rial escaped her childhood hell, yet her past is not so keen at letting go. Then Rial meets a hearer. And thoughts of curiosity, hatred, and vengeance swirl around her head. Hey everyone! I'm Ibeart! This is my first novel so things may be a little wonky. I'm open to any comments or criticism. Enjoy the ride! Special thanks to @iloveyouyesterday New Cover! Thanks to @Rubrication Another Cover! Thanks to @FlowyAnna


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The Singi...
by Ibeart