Portrait of the Pal...
By aceracia
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❛ the real world is a beautiful idea till you find its most treasured aspects - beautiful vices ❜ __________________________________________________________________________________ Every being ever born was thrust into a delicate bubble of virtue - a coloured world; either white or pink - purity or innocence. Her's was a pink, the colour she was anything but. The bubble nothing other than an uncomfortable clinging cloth, artificial on her skin. In the sacred secrecy of her mind, she called herself 'corrupt'. She had seen colours - striking than the fainted pink - oozing out of her, her natural colours, about which she could not whisper. She knew she was not made for enduring the tender tyranny of a bubble but for freely flaunting her natural virtues- vices -in the real world. What her innocent little heart did not know was the real new - world she was stepping into - was not much different from her older one. __________________________________________________________________________________ A story where a single choice can make one their own hero and their own villain __________________________________________________________________________________ Cover by : @NeverYawn °highly metaphorical story. °updates - random © Summer Paisley 2018

Portrait Of The Palette Girl

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by aceracia