Lost In You
By Aqleemaabeer
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"Leave me alone!", I yelled blinking back my tears. "Oh no no, darling. Why would i leave you so soon, hm?. We've got so much to deal with", He caressed my cheek, causing me to flinch. Subhaan Khan, you jerk!. You'll pay for this! This story is about Zahra Hasan and Subhaan Khan. Zahra Hasan, a 20 yr old girl, who is cheerful, has lovely parents, crazy siblings and everything which a girl could ask for. But, she was unaware of the tsunami arriving in her life. Subhaan Khan, a 22 yr old man, CEO of the Khan industries Ltd. He lost his parents at a young age. And all he wanted was to seek revenge for the murder of his parents. But, what happens when the murderers turn out to be the family members of the love of his life?. What will Subhaan do?. To find out more, buckle up your seats and start the journey of Zahra and Subhaan.

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Lost In Y...
by Aqleemaabeer