Half A Heart
By Micookofanfic
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[cover not by me|made by shutterstock] Tord had a happy life with his two best-friends and his lover...Tom. He realizes he has a chance to do something with his life. Accomplish his dream...to make the world his. A better place for him and his friends. He finds two loyal soldiers to do so, but he has to leave something behind....his 'family'. Tord leaves the house and goes back to Norway to start an army...to start a new beginning. Years past and he comes back. Not for his friends. Not for his so called lover. But for his machine. A thing that will help take over the world. Things go as he hoped, untill Tom rips he heart in half. A green army also tries to stop Tord from taking over the world. With people who rebelled against tord inside with Ed, this could be complete chaos. His old lover teams up with tord, only to try to stop him from completing his task... his dream. Until he realizes he still has feelings for the Norski, and when it's too late... the eyeless man is kidnapped. The red Army's taken over by another, and everything Tord hoped for... everything he loved is now disappearing from him. He must now find a way to take back his army, his friends, and his lover.


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Half A He...
by Micookofanfic