The Guy Who Almost...
By XxJayLynnxX
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Ever since Jacky Pierski was a little girl, she knew her parents never loved her. The only things they cared about were their jobs and the money. Jacky was always left at home by herself, all alone. Now 18 years old and nearing the end of senior year, things are even worse. She is bullied and humiliated by the people at her school, especially by Tiffany. Best friend turned into worst enemy. On her way to school one day she meets Kayden Richards. The new kid. A total hottie. But it's not a friendly meeting at all. Far from it. He almost hit her car. So Kayden absolutely hates her when they meet. Jacky just sees him as some douche with a bad attitude. But that all changes within a matter of minutes. Can Kayden turn Jacky's world around for the better? Read and find out :)

The Guy Who Almost Hit My Car Ch. 1, 2, and 3

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The Guy W...
by XxJayLynnxX