Dreams of Scale and...
By EchoeOtto
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Drika must defy her university and face magical creatures to solve a boy's mysterious coma and save others like him. ⥽⟐⥼ In the kingdom of Ceresco, talk of the supernatural is punishable by law. That hasn't stopped the whispers of strange occurrences and unexplained deaths. Drika van Meer dreams of becoming a traveling zoologist, but to appease her parents, she studies medicine. During a summer practicum, she assists Professor Anker on a house call to diagnose a farmer's son. When the farmer blames "magical" fish, Anker refuses to help, but Drika senses her professor is hiding something. Drika's investigation is interrupted when her parents arrange for her to date a family friend. She's surprisingly attracted to Marinus de Witt, an aristocratic young doctor with a passion for forbidden mythology and underground politics. Together, they uncover a conspiracy involving the Holy Imperial College, the royal family of Orange, and a marine predator lurking in Ceresco's canals. ⥽⟐⥼ [Wattpad Pick | Fantasy | Weekly Updates] Featured on: @WattpadExplorer - Editor's Choice (December 2018 - May 2019) @WattpadDarkFantasy - The Bestiary @WattpadSteamPunk - Brass Goggles, Fingerless Gloves, & Corsets Also featured on Tapas as a "Staff Pick" (April 2019) and on the "Kickass Ladies" list (July 2019).

1: The Farmer

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Dreams of...
by EchoeOtto