Fighting Animals
By LolaDom
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🏆Wattpad's 1st and Only #Neo-Noir + #Multimedia Story 🏆 '18 Earnesty Writer Awards Hall of Fame 🥇1st Place - '18 Shining Star Awards - Action 🥇1st Place - '18 Ohana Awards - Action "The Brotherhood separates humans from the animals, athletes from the sociopaths. They're in the shadows, in every gym, dojo, mat, ring, and octagon. They defend the sacred art of combat, ensuring fighters don't use their skills to exploit the weak. Or worse, to kill." --- Conner is a former U.S. Army pilot who thinks he's too volatile to be protective. Delilah is a Pakistani-American writer who thinks she's too different to be trusted. Expelled from his fight gym, Conner is hired as Delilah's private security by her superhero-movie-star boyfriend JR. But Conner yearns to fight again, if only The Brotherhood would absolve him for yielding to The Darkness. Try as he might, Conner's reserved Texan demeanor is no match for a brown-eyed Brooklyn girl who talks too much... even if, she too, battles The Darkness. And JR, desperate to be an off-screen hero, may be involved in something much darker. But when bigotry terrorizes Los Angeles, who will confront The Darkness in a city ripe with summer blockbusters and barren of heroes? Who makes up The Brotherhood? And what, if anything, elevates us above the animals? *Featuring music from nine iconic albums of '01-'02 and 300+ noir aesthetic GIFs. [[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]] Copyright © 2018 Lola Dom. All Right Reserved.

Watty Awards 2020 - For Your Consideration

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by LolaDom