Why Did I Fall in L...
By bunnies9876
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Ashlynn and Hunter just met. They both like each other, but neither of them want to confess. But will they have to confess their secrets. Like Hunter: he is hiding a BIG BAD SECRET. And Ashlynn ( a.k.a Ash or Ashley, ) also has something terrifying: something you won't even be able to guess or believe. What will happen if someone else gets into the picture that has the same secret like Hunter and was adopted by the Hoffman family. I almost forgot, the Huntsman HATE the Hoffmans and the Hoffmans HATE the Huntsman. Will, Hunter be there in time to save Ashlynn or will he be too late? Will Ashlynn get hurt and become something that is so unexpected? Everyone depends on Hunter and Ashlynn. They don't care if it envolves getting their souls taken away. Hunter and Ash will travel and journey on an amazing adventure just to find what they need before time is up. Will they be able to save themselves and humanity in time?

Why Did I Fall in Love with a Wolf ?

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Why Did I...
by bunnies9876