Two Gangs and a Gol...
By HollyShmit
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"I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it in anyway, Darling," he whispers. His face is inches away from mine and damn me for licking my lips. I am NOT falling for these guys. And then, at the corner of my eye I spot Owen and his gang approaching. Well, that's just great. *** The West and East gang of Tygerwell have been at each other's throats since the dawn of time. And the two leaders of these gangs want to end the fight, once and for all. But fighting with fists is easy. Fighting with wit and charm, is a whole other ball game. Blake. West-side gang leader. Leather jacket and killer glare. Don't talk back. Owen. East-side gang leader. Fancy coat and toxic stare. Don't resist. And in comes Amber. Hair of gold and oceans in her eyes. Has too much sass for her own good and always, ALWAYS, manages to get into the middle of trouble. But these boys have no idea who they're really dealing with. And when Amber descovers she knows a little too much when it comes to guns and fighting, she has to question everything she thought she knew about herself. Three can play this game. *** "Let's settle this. You got rejected, I got rejected. It's only fair that the fate of the gangs be on who gets the girl first." "That sounds rather good, Rhodes. I'll take that bet on the golden girl." *** COMPLETED FICTION AWARDS: Best new story and best new account Highest ranking in Teen Fiction: #1 on 25/06/2018

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Two Gangs...
by HollyShmit