Bloody Waves of Seo...
By suki_desu_senpai
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You have to decide if you want to stay with us or with them. You are our rightful leader. The Oyabun. When Rain wakes up chained in a basement across the world, the last thing she would expect is that her captors are a yakuza clan that she inherited. That now belongs to her. Along with most night businesses in South Korea. And in a middle of a vendetta. She should be scared right? Running for the hills perhaps. Too bad she doesn't plan anything like that anytime soon. Cold. Harsh. Cynical. Curious. Flirty. A tattoo artist that had nothing to lose. What was expected of her was to wear the mafia leader status with honor. And definitely not messing around with the seven members of her clan in every way possible. And now the Bloody Waves is her delicious playground. Her goal? Mostly-harmless-fun. But most importantly? To uncover her dead mother's secrets. *Grab your Holy waters!* Brace yourselves cause this story will blow your minds and leave you wanting more for days. Not the typical victim/kidnapper story There is a strong plot, amazing characters, and mindfucking plot twists. Warnings (everything is mild though, don't worry) Guns and weapons in general (duh) Nudity, sexual innuendos Lots of cursing, cause I'm the daughter of Quentin Tarantino in heart Drugs and alcohol use Suicide attempt mention Dark and cringy (sometimes) humor (Sorry, my kind of thing) And many Suga related puns Because this is a Suga story after all. Seriously, guys, this book is awesome. It is my first one, and I love it like it's my firstborn. Vol.1 is finished, currently uploading Vol.II If you like it, show me some love! Comment as much as you want and Vote for the love of everything unholy.

1. "Why am I here?"

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Bloody Wa...
by suki_desu_senpai