The Magical Secret...
By user46036060
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For those who love to adventure... This STUNNING debut novel will captivate your imagination and immerse you in its magical, fantasy world. My name is Rose and I have a question for you. Have you ever been transformed into a horse or a unicorn? How about a dragon or an eagle or even a dolphin for that matter? Have you ever been transported into a strange new world? Well let me tell you, it's AMAZING!! It all started when I began dreaming about a house when I was eight years old. I told my mum and dad about it and they showed me an old photograph of the house for real that they had kept hidden away from me since I was a baby. That was when they told me I was adopted. I wasn't really shocked or upset. It was like somehow I had always known. Fast forward five years and we stayed in that very same house. That was where we found the cave in the woods and more importantly, the crystals buried inside it that we took back to the house. Now that would have been the end of it under normal circumstances; if this was just a normal wood that we had walked through; and if we had just found a normal cave, with normal crystals. But the truth was it was not a normal wood, it was not a normal cave and the crystals we had found most certainly were not just any old crystals. In fact, that night, something amazing started to happen. A soft glow started to appear from one of the crystals in a corner of the garden and covered us, before gradually transforming each of us into magical animals. Then we started floating one by one up into the sky, inside the beam of light. This is the story of what happened next and how I discovered The Magical Secret of the Crystal Kingdom.

Chapter 1 - The Dream

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The Magic...
by user46036060