Sins Of The Father...
By AlanaRiddle
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Complete with sequel published Roslyn has been given a very dangerous task by Voldemort himself. With her parents being so eager to please The Dark Lord they agree to allow him to thrust their only daughter into the past to fulfill his latest plan. Roslyn must do Voldemort's bidding in order to protect her family, even if that means selling herself to Tom Riddle. She certainly didn't expect young Voldemort to be so...intriguing to say the least. - She was sent from the future to bare the heir, now lets see if she can teach him to care She came bearing a curse, but what his did was much worse. To hurt her would be a shame, but remember it's his game. Together they must fight, but it's her that must escape the night One of kind two of pair, let's watch as Tom Riddle produces his heir. Cover done by Bookworm_1233


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Sins Of T...
by AlanaRiddle