Welcome To My Dark...
By dreams2infinity
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Jordan River- 17 years old An illegal street fighter by night named Black Heart A nerd by day at Athens Prep No family Lives alone Always looking over her shoulder because she is wanted almost everywhere Horrible past ●●●●●●● Zack Miller 17 years old Golden boy/playboy of Athens Prep Comes from rich family Cocky and arrogant Has a perfect life Loves to annoy Jordan, simply because he has a crush in her since freshman year ●●●●●●● What happens when they meet? Will Zack finally see the other part of the world that is not his? Will there be some type of love in between Zack and Jordan? Can Jordan finally fight off her demons and her past? Or will it cause her to run away to protect the people she learned to trust? Keep reading to find out!

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Welcome T...
by dreams2infinity