A Prince's Errand [...
By Robert_Zangari
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Kalda is a world of magic and wonder. Long ago, men harnessed the Channels of Power, creating tevisrals-devices capable of manifesting magic. But men weren't the only ones to accomplish such feats. Dragons crafted the most sophisticated tevisrals. These shaped the world, defining civilization of both man and elf alike. Centuries after a cataclysmic war-abated only by the Crimson Eye-the men Kalda have fallen into a dark age, where elves are estranged, and dragons are no more. Tevisrals which made Kalda utopian are lost. Now men trade everything for tevisrals. But there are some men who wish to bury the past, and in their lands possessing tevisrals is tantamount to treason. Still, some men scour the world in search of Kalda's past. One such man, the scholar Krindal, ventures across the world in search of an ancient order known as the Keepers of Truth and Might-a coalition that kept the world aright, but has long since disappeared. Prince Kaescis Midivar also searches for these Keepers. The death of his uncle, the late emperor of Mindolarn, killed his hopes for peace with the Kingdom of Los. His empire's survival hinges upon unearthing the Keepers' secrets. An aging warrior, Cornar Dol'shir, longs for the days to be home with his wife. But his retirement must wait, as his band of adventurers is recruited to help find the Keepers' hidden temple on the Isle of Klindala. Haunted by his past, Iltar seeks to unravel the mysteries held within the Codices of Soron Thahan-a volume of prophecy foretelling the advent of the Unspoken One and the return of the Crimson Eye. His search takes him to Mindolarn, where all is not as it seems. The result of more than twenty years of planning, writing, and world-building, A Prince's Errand is the first installment of TALES OF THE AMULET, a bold epic as detailed as it is entertaining. Awards: 50 Best Wattpad Books of 2018 Wattpad Picks -- Up and Coming List 2018! 6/07/2018 Wattys 2018 Shortlist *Cover Illustration by Kerem Beyit.


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A Prince'...
by Robert_Zangari