The Fifi Code (Eros...
By YouBeaut
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These stories are excerpts from an erotic romance novel The FIFI CODE, a novel about love. It offers a window on the possibility of women loving women within a heterosexual relationship when a man's love just might not be enough. Discover the secrets of the special lovemaking trigger codes that Rosa and Bertie share after many years of marriage, devised to prompt her very fit and virile husband, following his recent partial loss of memory. And what happens when others discover the codes. Discover too, Rosa's network of women friends and lovers, young and old, all of whom she is happy to share, both with her husband, and each other. Rosa maintains that the kiss is the most important part of sensuality, and that there should always be loving intent when expressing ones affections. Enjoy the adventures of Rosa's friends, Helen and Maude, and Helen's husband Frederico and their step daughter, Alice, and Alice's friends, Freya and Angie. Meet Helen's neighbour Mary and her country-girl niece Sophie, and long-time friend Gladys. And then there is the delightful and sophisticated Celia Ashbee.

Angie's Story

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The Fifi...
by YouBeaut