Eternal (A Newt Fan...
By artsymish02
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Rosalind Franklin, Subject A3: The Carer A teenage girl is thrown into the middle of a Maze with nineteen other boys and no memories of her past. They work together to survive and try to find a way out, but who knows how long it might take? Rosa remains to be the only girl for a long time, but she feels a special connection with a certain boy with warm, brown eyes who seems to understand he better than anyone else. Will these sparks lead to something bigger, and will Rosa and the boys ever get out? A Maze Runner FanFiction All the characters (except Rosa and other characters of my own) and the basis of the story belong to James Dashner. I have changed the plot quite a bit but the basics are part of the original Maze Runner book. Hope you like it!

Author's Note

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Eternal (...
by artsymish02